Thursday, October 3, 2019

What to expect when you come to us

If you are about to experience one of the most significant moments in your life and are considering our wedding planning agency in Greece, you might be wondering what exactly we do and how. With this post we want to make you part of our experience, to give you a pretty good taste of what we do, the whole process the way we carry it out, with devotion to our clients and respect to their needs and anticipations.

We connect, to you, to your dreams, to your vision about the celebration of your wedding day. Once you send us your idea, we contact you to schedule either an in-person meeting, or a virtual one with the help of technology. A good connection is the very start of everything and it evolves through the wedding planning process into a relation of mutual trust and fruitful collaboration. When we get the final picture of everything needed, we will inform you about the cost estimate of the wedding planning, the design and the coordination of your wedding day.

We commit. Once you decide we are the one, we dedicate the time needed in order to be fully functional and fully devoted to your wedding. For this exact reason, as you already know, we take up a limited number of weddings per season. We take in a selected clientele, only to ensure that every wedding event is one of a kind, unrepeatable, and to you, unforgettable. We believe in us, in our ability to perform little miracles in what we do, but we also believe in you, in your ability to inspire us, to ignite our creativity.

We get inspired, by you. Through conversations and meetings we connect to you even more in order to draw your wedding profile. You share with us your thoughts about your dreamed wedding celebration and we form the idea, the concept that will become the core of the wedding day. This is a very important stage of Mazi Event's planning process and we will really dedicate as much time as needed to capture the very beat of the day you dream to experience -you and your beloved guests. You unreel your dream, and –rest assured- we will bring the best version of it to life.

We do our research. Once we have a first picture of what we want to achieve, we start our thorough research of the venue, to ensure the appropriateness of it. This is a crucial part, because we have to examine if the place is in all aspects suitable for the wedding we are planning, and if all the transformations we might possibly need to make can be applied to it. We team up with the best of professionals in the industry, to ensure that no aspect will be overlooked and that everything will be materialized as planned.

We design, from scratch  ideas and concepts exclusively for you. It is always a challenging process to set our creativity free and work out the best ideas for the place, the decoration, the color palettes, the elements, the flower design, the textures, the personalized stationery (for us, it’s a passion -separate post to follow-, for you it is a choice you won’t regret) and put all these together into a coherent result, that takes you even further than your initial expectations. Most of the times, especially in private locations where a full transformation of the venue takes place, we offer a 3D walkthrough visualization service to give our clients a clear picture of what the final result will look like, and make sure all their visions about their special day are realized. Iokasti and her team sees to it that every aspect of your wedding celebration is taken into consideration.

We stick to the plan and to the schedule. We turn the concept into a scenario. It is important that you feel perfectly comfortable on your wedding day. We shape the whole scenario from the very beginning to the very end and we develop and enrich it throughout the process –together with you- until the big day. This way we are sure the scenario and the schedule will be followed and you will enjoy your day to the fullest.  

We schedule in-person meetings or calls by appointment and look forward to sharing more details of our process and our work with you. If you are looking for more information about our wedding planning and design services or if you wish to book your wedding or any other special event with Mazi Event team, you can contact us.

Photos: Anna Roussos 




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