​Our precious little ones deserve the best –no one can argue- and these parents cleverly picked the iconic twin peaks of Ermoupolis to carry out the sacred ceremony of christening for their twin little treasures. Whatever the occasion, the island of Syros in Greece is just the right place to experience your special moments –be it your destination wedding, an anniversary, or just a party- as ituniquely combines the Aegean blue and white canvas with the elegance of the Ermoupolis architectural wonder. Churches –both Catholic and Orthodox- emerge from the buildings and form a very special skyline in this blending of cultures. The christening ceremony took part in one of those churches overlooking the city and the party afterwards was held –where else?- on a beach. The theme –the pictures can tell- was all things mermaid! Little mermaids drawn on the handmade invitations, mermaid-shaped cupcakes and other candy stuff kids and grown-ups can’t resist. Seashells, starfish, all in tastefully selected colors, it was like a Disney animation coming to life. The kids enjoyed plenty of playing, they were entertained by professionals, and the adults also had a great time by the sea. When the party was over, the proud parents –couldn’t hide their smile of happiness for a single moment- were content to look into their twins’ gaze, and the rest of us knew that we had just shared a priceless family moment. When a child smiles, the world smiles, when twins smile, then we all have every reason to be twice as happy.

Event Design & Planning: MAZI Event

Photography: Geogre Pahountis

Videography: Nikos Fragoulis

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