Imagine a giant hot air-balloon ready to take a little boy’s dreams up in the air. What originated as an inspired drawing gave us the idea for this memorable baptism event. What we created was a boy’s fairytale land come true. On a fine summertime afternoon by an idyllic Peloponnese coast, little Dimitris was baptized and his parents were thrilled to have this sacred tradition so remarkably performed.

Initially scheduled as a Christmas baptism but then postponed, we had to redesign the whole event for summer, and the parents were relieved to see that the result was even better than they had at first imagined. The mother’s dream for a huge Christmas tree with presents and candy all around had to be changed, and the hot air balloon seemed to be the perfect scenery. The blue of the fine hydrangeas, along with the green of the pines and the elegant white, and the iconic hot air balloon dominating the place, formed the ideal setting for this remarkable baptism event.
This magical day was masterfully captured by the lens of our beloved and highly talented partners Vasilis Kouroupis and Vasilis Kantarakis so the pictures speak for themselves, but let us elaborate a little on the process of making such a refined baptism event come to life. Centered around the main theme, -the hot air balloon- and with blue, white and gold as our main palette, all the details were accordingly designed and carried out.
The luxurious invitations set the tone from the very first moment. The selection of the fine art papers, the linen envelopes, the calligraphy, the unique monogram, the gold touches, the exclusive hand painted drawing of the hot air balloon were only a few of the details that completed one of the most dreamlike baptism stationery suites we have ever designed.
The venue offered us the opportunity to prepare an elegant reception and provide the little ones with an exclusive place full of exciting activities. We designed the dinner area to include round tables with blue tablecloths and impressive two tiered flower arrangements with candles. The luxurious linen favor was a handmade box with the boy’s gold foiled monogram on the outside and a candle and blue sugar candy in the inside –a carefully selected personalized gift from the family to heartfully thank all their guests. A colorful touch was added on the menus, as well as on the beige napkins and the table numbers. The table scape design was finished with the gold cutlery, the clear and blue selection of drinkware, everything curated and put in place to welcome all the guests.
The children were entertained by high skilled animators in a child-oriented place, where plentiful activities were available, and all safety measures were kept. We always insist on safety when it comes to children. The whimsical handwritten signs showed the paths we had created and guided the children to all the activity zones we had designated. The open-air cinema we created playing one of our favorite animation films added to the magic of the night.
The day’s highlight that made the greatest impression was the 6m high custom made dessert station, with fresh flower arrangements in fine shades of blue and plenty of little delicious playfully shaped desserts around it! Cupcakes, popcakes, lollipops, biscuits, macarons and that three tiered cake! We are always excited to see our pastry chefs turn our paper art into edible art! We couldn’t leave out from a Greek baptism event the traditional Greek sweet flavors, which always offer a touch of authenticity and a link to our heritage with their special aromas.
The guests were in for one more surprise! The respected Greek singer Dimitris Bassis gave an outstanding live performance and everyone enjoyed a night they will always remember! A night full of good quality Greek music and dance. As wedding planners and event designers we have to admit that a baptism event is one of the most intriguing parts of our job –and one of the most rewarding. The reason is that we have to create art for children, to see as adult artists through the eyes of a child. The result is not easy to achieve, but if we do –as we believe we have- the event can be really outstanding.

Planning, Design & Production: Mazi Event

Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis 

Film: Vasilis Kantarakis


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