Sunday, September 1, 2019

September's first

I love beginnings. As much as I yearn for one more sip of this intoxicating summer cocktail of our blessed land, I also crave for the creativity that September breeds. Every September marks a new start, a thrill of anticipation, a promise to ourselves and to our cherished ones. So, back to our work, our art, our destination weddings and celebrations we so eagerly design and organize. Back to all these with even more ideas, energy, inventiveness. When I got into the office, I encountered the running wedding projects and realized that I was just in the right place -our work gives joy to so many people that I can't be anywhere else this moment.


And first thing this September, we launch our blog, with all our love and inspiration, and invite you to embrace it, just as you have already so generously done with our site and our social media. Welcome, browse, travel with us, see through our eyes,  share our daydreams, be a part of our happiness and let us be a part of yours…

Photos: Anna Roussos

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