Wednesday, October 23, 2019

There is an intriguing part in the whole wedding design process, a challenge of creativity that we always love to face: the wedding stationery.

Those little pieces of pure art have the power to add much to the personal signature you wish to put on your special day, and we can proudly say that all the couples who have trusted us, have realized their potential. This is why we have created an in-house department where we design exclusively for our clients!

For our team, stationery design forms the sweet ritual of initiating the planning of your wedding and it is essential to start working on it right from the beginning, along with the color palettes and the mood boards. We believe that it ought to have a character, your character, and match perfectly the aesthetic of your wedding day. Don’t forget that save-the-date cards, the web site, your invitation, along with all the accompanying cards will be your official debut as a couple and should express you perfectly and appropriately fit your wedding day.

The stationery design will be our first common creative experience and we want to make it as comfortable and as enjoyable for you as possible! We firmly believe that in art there are no limitations, no rules, no right or wrong. We believe in you and in the connection and communication we build with you right from Day 1. We believe in the inspiration you give us, in the dreams you confide to us. We believe that with our knowledge and experience we can take you and your guests to magic places, evoke feelings and emotions, make them dream, and all this through sketches, calligraphy scripts, colors, elaborate materials and techniques that all these years we have mastered and perfected for our beloved clients!

Do you need to know more about how we work? Send us your interest here or contact us to book your personal consultation.