Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all Mamas in this world !

I have never really looked it up, however I am pretty sure that the word mama was first whispered by a child’s lips... and if not, I would like to keep my own version. As a word, mum has always thrilled me, in any language I ever heard it, although I could never tell why. Ever since I had my own children, the word became a notion, since it gave me balance, confidence, inspiration and a totally different perspective about everything. It might sound as a cliché, but it's my very own truth, one hundred percent. On the occasion of mother’s day, I wanted to prepare some simple yet fresh ideas, dedicated to all the moms in the world!

A spring palette with vivid colors, painted canvases for placemats, glass tableware, white and golden details. Some highlights I loved the most from this day... The rare flowers from around the world, arranged with care in the most organic style by Jim Labraco, the tailor made delicatessen desserts decorated with painted and edible flowers by Poulette, the refined stationery design with hand-made papers, calligraphy and watercolor applied on each card separately like a child’s drawing by Mazi Chirography

La prima cosa bella... The first beautiful thing we see when we are first born is our mother, and we never forget her, wherever we are, whatever we do... Our mother is the sweetest figure that stars in our life, the light that will illuminate our every path, whose smile will always be prettier than a newly bloomed flower in a garden in spring, whose smell will never cease to fragrance our soul...

Mum, your arms are like the infinite sky... I love you mama... and I celebrate it with a joyful and vibrant party on such a beautiful and bright day in our garden! But whatever we say, pictures always speak better, especially when they come from the lens of our beloved Vasilis Kouroupis...

Huge thanks to Maria Kamataki for making me feel so beautiful ;)

With Love, Iokasti

Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis / Design & Styling: Mazi Event / Flower Design: Jim Labraco / Tailor made Desserts: Poulette / Make Up Artist: Maria Kamataki / Cologne & Gifts: Jo Malone London / Fine Art Stationery: Mazi Chirography / Ring Box: Mrs Box

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