Lovebirds… such an affectionate term to refer to a couple. Zoe and Paul decided to take the term literally and profess their love with a bird-themed wedding in Athens Riviera, Greece. Birds, their wings, their ever dreamed ability to fly, have always given the earthbound human tons of inspiration. The couple chose a royally beautiful bird, the golden oriole, to represent the notion of freedom and we created one of our most inventive concept weddings in a great venue, always in the Athens Riviera. The place was full of artistic references; empty cages to symbolize birds breaking free, iconic Louis XIV chairs, refined details carefully set, as refined and sophisticated was the couple in their appearance and manners. Eucalyptus leaves and David Austin roses were combined to create fine art bouquets and a special nest-shaped cradle for the cake. Hand-drawn wedding invitations with the golden Oriole ready to come to life and enchant us with its legendary song. A vintage, romantic, lace wedding dress delicately worn by the bride. A concept wedding is always our best of challenges, as it gives us the chance to let our creativity free, free like the winged creature we chose to illustrate this destination wedding. At the end of the day Zoe and Paul, like fragile yet passionate stars in the ending scene of a romantic 40s motion picture, were together -connected, bonded, irreversibly tied to each other. Tied and free at the same time, because that's what love is about: freedom to tie yourself to the person you choose. And you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together.

Design & Planning: Mazi Event Design & Production, Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas

Venue: Ktima 48, Florist: Kostas Korakas, Stationery: Chirography, Dress: Anem, Rentals: Zazoo Event Rentals,

Patisserie: Pavlov’s Lab, Jewellery: Kousvelaris, Groom’s attire: Gianettos, Muah: Franzeska Koukoula, Film: Vasilis Kantarakis

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