Monday, April 20, 2020

Easter 2020 at Home!

One different Easter for all of us this year, one unprecedented situation, but we have hopefully made it through strong and safe! This feast of faith and thriving spring needs to be celebrated together and outdoors, so this year we haven’t been able to fully experience it. However, having to stay home, had a silver lining. It meant we had to stay in our most intimate place with our most intimate people. For the last 8 years and more, this period has been quite busy for me as I always had to be somewhere between the office, our vendors, venues, studio, and always around people, making intense preparations for the starting wedding season. But ever since I had my family, I have always dreamed of a little more quality time home with my boys, to make them surprises keeping our traditions.

Decorating eggs, making sweets, reading books, and something which you know how much I love... preparing the Easter dinner table with much care celebrating all together this really special day! Of course, I didn’t want it like this, no one did! However, since I could not control it, I decided to look only at the bright side and celebrate all the good things we do have around us today. Not being able to find all I ideally wanted, I had to rely on materials I already had at home to create this festive atmosphere I have always dreamed of offering my family and myself.

I drew inspiration mainly from the cutlery, flatware, napkins and colors in our house and garden, so I got a palette full of green, lavender, mint and white/nude. I painted the eggs with acrylic colors and  with kids’ color markers I made the stationery. I used small jars I had from finished jams, chocolate spreads, fresh butter. I was so grateful I could find olive and lavender branches from our garden, so I prepared tiny bouquets and I arranged them creating a very long center piece which fitted perfectly on our dinning table.

I used a natural string, to fold napkins into bunny ears and I left space for our cute Easter eggs... As you can see, I couldn’t resist hand lettering our names on them. The whole process, with all its spontaneity and creativity, filled me up with so much joy that I took pictures to give you a taste of the day and share with you something even I had forgotten: we ought to be grateful for all the things we have around us and celebrate them in every circumstance.

There is no need to wait for the ideal conditions. It's up to us to make our everyday brighter, make our whole world more beautiful, and if you think you can’t, then -trust me- all you have to do is just make a start!


Photos: From my Nikon;)

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