Baptism Celebration | Dream Big our Little One !

Our children’s special moments are our own special moments and this is why we are always happy to organize christening ceremonies. Such occasions form a milestone in a child’s life in our tradition: they mark the initiation of a person into Christianity, and more importantly, they pose a major opportunity to celebrate the greatest of institutions: family. Our couple chose the fine district of Vouliagmeni for their boy’s event. Imagine pine-covered hills reaching down a lace like coast, just one breath away from Athens, with all the upscale venues of the Riviera around, and a rare example of fine church architecture -the church of Panagia Faneromeni with its bright marbles- suitable to host any religious ceremony. A privileged neighborhood for every event. The dinner afterwards was held at Vouliagmeni Lake, a secluded little lake with unique landscape and with one of the most historic and upscale venues in Attica. Only few and selected guests -friends and family-, a special menu by an exclusive chef, the venue decorated in a soft color palette, with our always carefully designed flower arrangements. The hand-dyed watercolor paper invitations on pale blue and grey shades featured calligraphy and sketches of the Lake and the Lion; the magnificent King of the Jungle was the inspiration for the little boy’s baptism celebration. The cross, plain and elegant, to highlight the religious significance of the day. As the sun was setting, the reflections of light on the lake and the cliffs painted the landscape in golden hour colors, adding to the magic of the place and unraveling the venue’s full potential. The family in white and their little prince, Martin, had every good reason to feel more than happy. We, in turn, felt content for offering these people the chance to celebrate what for every person most matters. Family matters.

Photographer: Adrian Wood
Design, Planning & Styling: Mazi Εvent
Venue: Lake Vouliagmeni / Privé area
Flowers: Rosetta Eventi
Table ware rentals: White Lilac
Fine Art Stationery: Mazi Chirography


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