Tuesday, August 25, 2020

To all the brave brides in the world!!!

When we were planning this bride-to-be dedicated photoshoot last February, I couldn’t have possibly imagined that we would be almost at the end of summer and we wouldn’t have accomplished even a single destination wedding, that we wouldn’t be even slightly tanned while organizing weddings on our beautiful sun smitten islands. So, let me seize the opportunity and dedicate this romantic bridal preparation editorial to all the brave brides in the world! To all the brides who had to transfer their weddings to the next season. But also, to those who notwithstanding all the insecurities and fears of this worldwide situation, insisted on marrying this year, even if they had to narrow down their choices, or not include beloved people from afar in their guestlists. And of course, to all those girls who finally said “I do” this year!

The bridal preparation is an exciting process, a process you often can’t tell when exactly it starts… I believe it starts at the very moment you say to the person you love “I do”! It starts right when you decide on the date and the place where you will officially become a couple, but also at the minute you begin to dream about that day… And what could be greater than to see your dreams come true!

If you have decided to consult a wedding planner for your event, you had better start there, especially if you consider getting married in another city or country. The wedding designer and planner is the first step, the one that will initiate the process. The one that will not only select the right venue and coordinate the professionals, but also organize them into an integrated whole. This is what makes a wedding planning really successful. The feeling that there is no beginning and no end, just a natural flow of events. 

We offer our couples the luxury to enjoy every step of the way, not only the final day. Our brides will be taken care of by the best professionals in every field, but most importantly they will experience the whole process as smoothly as they really deserve. It is important for the bride to dedicate plenty of time to very personal things like the wedding dress, the shoes, the jewels, her style as a whole, in order to feel at ease, to be herself. 

And here come the next most important professionals -whose significance I will never get tired of emphasizing. I am referring of course to the photographer and the videographer who will immortalize the preparation and the event, to offer you a priceless tangible memory of your time of bonding. 

The hairstylist and the make-up artist will turn you into princesses, so you have to choose the ones who fit to your style. Last, but not least –we love to insist on that- the stationery: hand-created and one-of-a-kind, the ultimate touch of personalization to your very own moment. And the day comes. Imagine the moment you open your eyes and realize that this is it.

Feelings overwhelm you, but you should not worry. Just leave everything to the experienced hands of the professionals, who will guide you through the process. The only thing you have to do is live the thrill of every moment, experience every step of the way, feel the love of the people you have chosen to surround you. The day you’ve been dreaming is finally here!

Let it unravel and climax to the most anticipated point. Let your reel of happiness play in front of your eyes and keep this day in your mind forever. If words have not convinced you, then pictures surely will! Picture what you will star into and see for yourselves the miracles that our talented professionals can perform in every aspect of your wedding. When two people get married, they profess their fundamental need to create a family, and this itself symbolizes the very continuation of life. This is why, though it can be postponed, it cannot be cancelled, whatever the circumstances. All you who defied this unforeseen situation, but also all you who decided to have your wedding next year, rest assured, just close your eyes, dream your day, and everything will come true!


Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis

Film: Vasilis Kantarakis

Design & Styling: MAZI Event

Wedding Dresses & Bridal Robe: Anem

Make Up & Hair Artist: Georgia Christodoulou

Florals: Red Box Days

Jewelry: Kessaris

Wedding Stationery: Chirography

Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Furniture Rentals: Tore

 Prop Rental: Prop

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