Whoever thought that enjoying the full Aegean experience means getting married on a real island, had to drive only 30km from downtown Athens and see this wedding. The place was Island –one of the best venues in the Riviera- and the color was blue –both in the sea and in the bride’s eyes. And the only word to describe this wedding better than blue was elegance. Not just beauty, but elegance. What made the difference was the graceful luxury infiltrating harmonically every single aspect of the ceremony and the party afterwards. The pictures speak for themselves: the hand-drawn matte silver foiled invitations, the moon-shaped guestbook, the David Austin roses, the sweets pleasantly surprising the guests at the entrance, the luxurious silverware, the candles, the live music at the wedding party, the whiter than white chapel of Agios Dionysios evoking images of the Aegean sun. And –last but not least- the very special wedding dress, the jewellery and the fine shoes. No color, no single detail, nothing in this wedding seemed odd or redundant. Everything was tastefully selected by our couple and thoughtfully planned and carried out by us. Exquisite details for an exquisite taste. And let’s not forget the warm embrace –literally and metaphorically- Mikela and Giorgos enjoyed from their beloved ones: friends and especially family. The bride had her mother, sister and best friends proudly help her throughout the preparations. People -our people- always define our moments of bliss. Family, elegance and blue, and a subtle aura of grace and refinement filling up the venue, sweeping us off our feet. An aura that made us leave the place full of gratefulness for those precious little moments that make life seem even more magical than it is. An evening of tasteful elegance in our very own Athenian version of the Aegean paradise.

Wedding Design & Planning: Mazi Event

Photography: Wedtime Stories

Wedding Venue: Gallery, Island Art and Taste



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