A journey full of love and light - Majestic Baptism at Vienna

All family and esteemed guests from all around the world on board for an exceptionally unique baptism journey through the picturesque landscape of Austria! The baptism invitation immediately predisposed the guests for what was about to happen: The double faceted card was illustrated with hand drawn sketches of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Vienna and the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe steam train. The gold foil monogram of the soon-to-be baptized child’s name against the royal blue linen fabric background was the detail that added the luster and prestige needed to the invites for such an outstanding event. The name Philippe Xander is not only an exceptional one: It was the inspiration for a happening highlighting its royal feel, and connecting it to Vienna’s vast musical tradition, as well as the color palette which was fitting to Vienna’s glorious aura. The monogram was embroidered on all towels and linens necessary for the ceremony and etched on the golden plates decorating the candles. It was also encased in the royal blue and gold keepsake bracelets: a great gesture from the family to all guests present. The awe-inspiring Byzantine Church was appropriately decorated with fresh flower bouquets, composed of white and blue flowers and greeneries. Once the ceremony was concluded, everyone headed straight to the platform where the 19th century steam train Majestic Imperator, bound for Wachau, Austria, was ready for departure. The wagon "Equipage" was exclusively booked for the baptism reception, complete with a tea kitchen and bar inside the walnut walls of the carriage. The luxurious one-of-a-kind box holding various kinds of gourmet sugared almonds that awaited the guests in the wagon, was given as an additional keepsake to remind everyone of the breathtaking journey. The imperial dinner -served along with exquisite wines- composed a culinary experience on the most luxurious furnishings aboard the steam train, for a truly “Fin de siècle” experience. The adventure reached its peak in Wachau, where the family and guests enjoyed the splendor of fireworks illuminating the skies in celebration of the Midsummer festival on that very day. The positive energy of the family, along with the royal sensation of elegance gave rise to a journey full of love and light; the journey of a lifetime!

Event Design, Styling, Planning, Florals, Decor: MAZI Event - Photos: Maria Tsakiri

Invitations, Personalized Monograms, Sketches & Special Applications: Chirography - Venue: Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe, Vienna

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