Monday, June 1, 2020

Are you considering a Bridal Boudoir Photo Session on your Wedding Day?

Is a bridal boudoir photo session something I should arrange for my wedding? Will it feel uncomfortable posing only in my robe and lingerie? Is it too stressful to put another thing in this busy and strictly scheduled day? Will I look like those brides I admire on your wedding galleries, or are all these just wedding editorial photos? We keep receiving all these burning questions and we are happy about this, because we strongly believe that a bridal boudoir session on your wedding day is something really worth doing!

So, yes you should definitely arrange one for you -it adds to intimacy and romance as key elements of a wedding day- and no, you should not worry about anything else, because we have everything taken care of, with calmness and joy, and professionalism. All you have to do is share with us your excitement about it and the result -we assure you- will be magic. Once you decide the place you feel comforatble to get ready on your wedding day, we will help you choose the right lingerie, robe, accessories and also gather all the special wedding details that will be included in your bridal boudoir photo session to add your personal touch, which is essential.

We always love to add personal items, your bridal shoes and bouquet, your perfume and jewelry, your wedding stationery, curating all the details in the place, the decoration, the lights, the colors. Let us stress that the most important element in such a photo shoot and the key to its success is the right wedding planner, the make up and hair artist, and of course the wedding photographer. Rest assured, you girls are in good hands, and if you are still not convinced to do it, if you feel it is too intimate, just think that intimacy is the key in a marriage, isn’t it? In such a personal and perhaps intimidating for some women photo shoot, the right professionals are the people who will make it work. Needless to say, that, as always, we work with the best!

In order to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful, and when a woman wants to feel beautiful, she needs to embrace all her femininity, on other words feel attractive, powerful, alive. Remember, this is the day every bride will be brighter than she will ever be. A bridal boudoir photo shoot on the wedding day is definitely the best gift a girl can give to herself and to her beloved companion! The photos we used are from a real wedding day in Paris, we had the pleasure to design and plan a few months ago! 

Design & Styling: MAZI Event

Photography: Thanos Asfis

Film: Vasilis Kantarakis

Make Up & Hair Artist: Medved Art

Florals: Floraison Paris

Wedding Stationery: Chirography


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