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Mazi means together in Greek, as in together we live, together we love, we dream, we have children and watch them grow. The notion of togetherness is what inspired us to create our agency. MAZI Event Design & Production is a full-service event planning agency, specialized in designing, planning and producing events of high quality standards for every occasion, in Greece and Europe. We design and create fully personalized events –weddings, parties, anniversaries, christening ceremonies, celebrations - that cater to your needs and reflect your taste. Destination events even in unconventional places, concept events with any theme imaginable, every combination is possible. What makes us special is that we pay every attention to the aesthetic quality, providing a fully customizable experience, from the very first step of the event to the last. Our team of highly experienced and creative artists and professionals are more than eager to put not only their skill but also their heart in what they are assigned to do.  

In 2008 Iokasti Skandami, an expert in Fine Art and Design founded MAZI Event Design & Production in Athens. Her task is to coordinate this team and take care of all the artistic details. She has always believed that there is nothing more fulfilling for an artist than to use their talent and creativity to make people happier, and this is the vision she and her team of MAZI Event Design & Production share.

Come and share with us your dreams and let us put a little magic into your very own moments of togetherness. 

Photo by Giovanna Aprili

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