about iokasti

about iokasti_"Thank you so much for visiting MAZI Event Design & Production. My art and design degree was the stepping stone to realizing my ideas and being able to express clearly what was lying in my soul… romance and love for the detail! My qualifications have ultimately led me into the event planning and design career.

MAZI means “together” in Greek and it was created after a lot of creative and fruitful work, to help more couples experience the most significant events of their lives in their ideal form. Through years of experience, my ability to channel artistic ideas for new challenges has greatly ameliorated, and with the help of my extremely talented team as well as my select vendors, we meet all your requirements, bringing my boldest plans to life, for you! I feel very lucky to have met such amazing people, sharing a sophisticated taste, loving high aesthetics and rare decorative details. Nothing makes me more satisfied than working for optimistic people dauntless enough to express their views openly, who always dream with a smile!"



Founder and designer at MAZI Event 

Photo by Anna Roussos