about iokasti

I'm Iokasti, a wedding designer and chirographer born and raised in Athens, who specializes in destination weddings, private parties and unforgettable experiences in Greece and Europe.

I’ve always been moved by the image of a couple in love, a mother’s warm embrace, by the deep emotions such moments hide.

With my BA in Art and Design, I have come to realize that there might not be a better way to express one’s feelings than through sketch and color. When I began working as a designer, I realized that the greatest challenge would be to express other people’s emotions on paper and then in space. Bringing to life ideas and concepts always excites and stimulates me. Special moments offered me the best canvas to express and evolve what I had inside, turn it into a picture and then into a real life experience. In 2005, I first created Chirography, an agency that specializes in fine art wedding stationery. It was met with great success and this triggered me to further the services I wished to offer to my clients. My interior design studies helped me communicate to my clients my insights about their special day giving a cohesive balance from start to finish. So I found myself working with highly skilled professionals such as florists, sound and lighting experts, photographers, videographers, caterers; in other words, designing and planning the whole experience, on behalf of my clients. And this is how Mazi Εvent design and production agency was born. Creativity is the most important aspect of my work, the one I love most. I get inspiration from the beauty of natural surroundings of each location, and I strongly believe that understated elegance is the key to create the most memorable events. I am obsessed with calligraphy, photography, architecture and every artistic element that can turn a celebration into a meaningful and extraordinary experience. Since my job requires a great commitment and since I always take a personalized approach when working with a couple, I only undertake a limited number of events per year. I love travelling all over Greece and Europe, recommending magic places to my clients, creating elegant, authentic and timeless weddings.

Having my own office in Athens since 2008 I have loved every single step of this journey! I feel so grateful for meeting such amazing people in this career, who share a sophisticated taste, love high aesthetics and rare decorative details. Nothing makes me more satisfied than working for optimistic people, bold enough to express their thoughts openly and dream with a smile!"

I would be truly honored to get to know you, hear about your vision and be part of your life story!

Warm regards,

Iokasti Skandami

Photo by Anna Roussos

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